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Meets are a great opportunity for everyone to enjoy the hills in The Lakes District, North Wales or the Peak District. Members hill walk, rock climb, scramble or mountain bike.

LMC has an annual programme of meets which are to pre booked locations generally in The Lake District or North Wales but also include other areas of the country. The activities people do on the weekend are up to them! They will often be determined by the other people going, the area we are visiting and the weather.


Where we stay

We use huts owned by other clubs, they are usually converted barns or cottages and can vary considerably. Most accommodation is in dormitories which can hold up to 12+ people, this regularly means we all share one room. Please speak to existing members if you want to know more about a specific hut.


Catering & 'tasks'

The meets are catered, with the meet fee covering breakfast on the Saturday and Sunday and the evening meal on the Saturday. All dietary requirements are catered for (including vegetarian, vegan, gluten, wheat and dairy free!). The weekend 'tasks' of shopping, cooking and cleaning are shared between the people go away.



Weekend meets cost £35 (in 2019), which includes two nights accommodation, two breakfasts and an evening meal on the Saturday.


Prospective Members

Prospective members can attend a meet before joining.

To book

Bookings open two weeks before the meet. An email is sent to the mailing list inviting those that want to come along to sign up. Places are allocated as people respond to this email, payment is made in advance. Places must be booked by the monday before the meet, so we can plan the food and travel.


Members share cars to travel to the meets and split the fuel costs amongst the passengers. Where possible we will use as few cars as possible, however this will depend on who is going and other plans individuals may have.

What to bring

You need to bring food for during the day and your own sleeping and personal equipment.

For the day, members are expected to have as a minimum, appropriate walking boots, waterproof jacket and appropriate clothing to walk in. You should also have a rucksack to carry personal equipment including lunch/snacks and drink and a torch. Exact requirements for the hill will depend on season and venue, members can advise on appropriate kit before any meet.

You will also need to bring personal equipment for overnight including sleeping bag, towel and wash kit & pyjamas!

BMC Participation Statement

Loughton Mountaineering Club supports the following BMC Participation Statement: The BMC recognises that climbing and mountaineering are activities with a danger of personal injury or death. Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions.


The club does not provide any formal training, does not have a pool of equipment and is not able to provide any mountaineering clothing or equipment. Existing members can advise on any equipment new members may be interested in purchasing and suggest training courses that may be of interest. Opportunities to develop outdoor skills arise informally through participation.

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